... Because none of us is as skilled as all of us ...

Our DCXX CTF Qualification Team hash has been posted in the Squidz-R-Us Google Group
Join up with our CTF trainer team before 30 May 2012.

Local participants who want to play at the SRU Prime Node will have all food and drink
needs taken care off.  A room will be set aside for decompression, and the back deck will
always be a nature-filled getaway to help clear your mind.

All members, local and international, will have access to our IRC and wiki servers in order
to facilitate real-time collaborations on any of the CTF challenges.

Israel Torres
The Senator

CTF Start:
01 June @ 2000 EST
(02 June @ 0000 UTC)

CTF End:
03 June @ 2000 EST
(04 June @ 0000 UTC)

[Members Only Area]


SRU Prime Node

SRU Hawaii Node

For more info hit up ddtek
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